Drywall is an incredible material for interior renovation. If there is one downfall though, it’s that it is easy to damage when you are being careless. Left alone it can last decades, but while remodeling, or hanging new shelves or art, accidents can happen that leaves holes or cracks in your walls. Luckily these unsightly errors can be replaced leaving your home looking as good as new. 

In addition to just cosmetic concerns, any open or cracked drywall can cause a lot of serious issues. Pests and bugs can take residence in these areas, causing massive structural damage down the line. If water seeps into these cracks, you could be facing massive water damage from a problem that started very small. These spots are also hotbeds for mold that can take root here and can greatly bring down your property value in no time. Overall, it’s greatly important to have any structural fractures in your drywall surveyed immediately by a professional before small problems become much worse.

Drywall Repair CO

Studs are meant to support the weight of shelves and pictures on your walls. In between the studs the drywall stretches across open areas where there is no backing. This is a detail that is constantly overlooked when you go to hang new fixtures in your home. 

Patching any holes or cracks takes a professional touch. You want to make sure that the replaced surface is completely smooth and solid to ensure that once painted over, it blends completely seamlessly with the rest of the wall. It’s very easy to glance at a replaced section of the drywall and tell it was not done correctly. 

Our team approaches any drywall repair Denver with a step by step method to ensure that nothing is overlooked and no corners are cut. We take the mesh and spackle, fit it to the area, make sure all seams are butted and sealed, and judge all the edges to ensure they are smooth and tapered. When finished, the new section will fit seamlessly into the rest of the surrounding wall.

Hire the Professionals

Drywall Denver is a team of industry veterans that know this industry inside and out. To make your drywall look as good as new, without any sections that are noticeable, it takes a lot more than spreading some spackle with a putty knife. If not repaired correctly, you could be looking at a problem that keeps coming back as the drywall doesn’t set correctly. 

If you are planning for drywall renovation, feel free to contact us for a free quote and assessment. Whether you need a few small holes fixed, or completely replace large sections of drywall, we will make sure it is replaced properly to last for years. We know your time is valuable, so we make sure to provide our professional assessment in a time effective manner so you can make your decision, and we work around your schedule for all repairs.