Ceiling Repair in Denver

Any repairs needed on your ceilings should be handled by a professional team in a safe and efficient manner. Ceilings that become waterlogged or damaged can be a huge hazard for your property and is a major liability. Replacing your drywall ceiling is not something that you should attempt yourself as there are numerous details that are easy to overlook. Our professional team at Drywall Denver can handle any ceiling repair in the Denver area.


If you ever think it might be time to repair your drywall ceiling, it probably is. There could be numerous reasons to repair your ceiling but the most common is water damage. Small leaks in your roofing are one of the biggest causes of drywall issues in your home. Also, water piping throughout your home might have a small leak causing staining, drooping ceilings, paint damage and more. 

Small sections of stained drywall may be replaced in certain situations, but any significant drooping in your ceiling and you are certainly looking at replacing more than just a section or two, possibly the entire ceiling depending on the severity.  There are some serious dangers when your ceiling starts to become unstable. The water leakage can damage more of your property, mounted ceiling fixtures can fall becoming a serious hazard, and there are significant issues with mold growth as well. Mold growth can begin inside of wet wall cavities within the first 48 hours of water exposure. If you notice staining on your ceiling, look to replace the drywall immediately to avoid any mold issues.

Popcorn Ceilings

Of all the interior design trends over the years, popcorn ceilings are some of the worst, and yet we still see them all the time. Not only are they outdated and unsightly, popcorn ceilings are actually very dirty and greatly reduce the value in your home. One of the easiest and quickest ways to update your home is to remove those outdated popcorn ceilings and trust us, your family will thank you. If you are looking to remove a popcorn ceiling in Denver, we can certainly handle this job for you.

Popcorn ceilings are a long outdated trend with a lot of drawbacks that everyone who has these ceilings can recall. They’re terrible to clean, and spider webs are notoriously difficult to remove after they get settled in

there. Taking a broom to the ceiling causes a shower of white debris all over your furniture and home. Anyone who has attempted to replace these ceilings themselves can attest, this is one of the messiest and most frustrating jobs that can be done around your home.

Hire the Professionals

Luckily for you, we are the best company for popcorn ceiling removal in Denver CO. If you have any drywall ceiling repair job you are considering, it certainly pays to consult the pros first. We will survey your property and give you our educated assessment that will save you a lot of time and headache in your endeavors. Trust us on this one, there may be some jobs you can handle yourself, but any ceiling repair or replacement is best left to professionals like us.